That Summer Feeling...
My 5 Summer beauty must-haves under $20

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Hello beautiful ladies. We're nearing the end of Summer down here in New Zealand at the moment, and as is typically true, this has bought some of the hottest days this summer so far. Personally, I am still on holiday so this is fantastic! Between slowly getting myself sorted again for University, and working, I have been spending my days lying out at the beach enjoying the sunshine.

While summer does come with the unbeatable feeling of being able to lie out on the beach in your new bikini, get a nice tan on, and to let your worries float away on the waves, it does have its down sides too. Summer is so harsh on your hair and skin. Even if you are gifted with lovely olive skin, the suns rays can be so damaging, leaving nasty scars, sun spots, and premature ageing. The skin is our largest organ so it is absolutely imperative that we look after it while we are young, so that we can have glowing youthful skin when we're older too. So without further adieu I have compiled my summer beauty check list below, keeping all prices under $20, so if you are doing beauty on a budget it won't break the bank to try a few of these products out.

1. Frank Body Scrub
I seriously cannot begin to describe to you the miracles that this product works. It sounds crazy, the thought of rubbing coffee grounds onto your skin and face, but this does work. Frank comes packaged in a brown paper bag with a zip lock top. The marketing team are really clever and have written everything you need to know about the product in a super quirky way. The packaging however isn't really durable enough to be under the water in the shower with you, but this isn't a drama as you can hop into the shower with a handful. 

There are a variety of flavours, my favourite being the Cacao scrub. It smells like a coffee/ chocolate cake. The texture is quite harsh, but I personally like this feeling in a body scrub. The instructions are pretty simple, you just take your handful and wet your body, rubbing in small circular motions. Then you leave the scrub on the skin for a bit and rinse off. The oils leave the skin feeling moisturised, while the coffee grounds have gone to work removing all of that dead dry skin. Seriously you'll want everyone in your house to feel your soft new pins.

2. Le Tan Lotion 
An enviable tan is all part of that summer experience. Unfortunately, while your tan may be enviable now, it can leave you with nasty sun damaged skin in the future. This is why I chose to rock a false glow each summer, instead of literally baking my body under the hot sun. 

Le Tan's products are the best tanning products I have ever tried. Personally I prefer their instant tanning lotion. Simply shower and remove all the body hair you prefer to, using which ever method you prefer, and make sure you give yourself a good scrub. Then  dry off your body, putting your hair up in a high bun. It is best if you shave to wait a day before applying the tan, but in all honesty I never wait and very rarely end up with funny spots on my legs. Then squirt a small amount of product directly onto your skin and using a tanning mitt rub in circular motions buffing into your skin.

The Le Tan lotion is lightly scented, not sticky at all and dries quickly, just make sure to avoid white bed sheets the first night! Everyone will think you've been on some gorgeous summer vacation!

3. The Grown Alchemist, Hydra-Repair Day Cream
Loving every inch of your skin is probably the best way to keep it looking good all summer long. And by loving what I really mean is hydrating. Before using this product I very rarely used any day creams on my face. Personally I have quite oily skin, and everything I tried seemed sticky, heavy and greasy. This product however is none of those things.

The packaging of the product is really cute, and actually functional. Unlike some bottles, its easy to squeeze out the last of this when you're nearly finished! It is a light weight formula, and glides on easy without feeling like you've even put any day cream on. It doesn't lead to breakouts and is perfect under my foundation. 

4. Lush, Dream Cream Body Lotion
Hydrating your skin doesn't just apply to your face. Even if you're not sunburnt, lotions are literally your skins best friend in the summer! Like any typical young female, I seem to magically inherit this entire bathroom cabinet of lotions and never really have an excuse to go out and buy any. I first came across this Dream Cream in a Lush gift basket that I received for Christmas. I started using it just because it was conveniently sitting on my bathroom vanity. However, now I am never purchasing another lotion.

This product has a light chamomile and lavender scent, making it perfect for those who shower before bed time like me! It has a soft milky feel, not thick and buttery like other lotions. It leaves skin feeling hydrated and lightly scented, but you don't feel all slimey. When my tub is finished, I'm 100% off to Lush to buy another tub! This has been my skins lifesaver this summer, I understand why they call it "Dream Cream"

5. Toni and Guy, Reconstruction Mask
I have super light hair, which is a problem all year round as it gets super dry, really bristly, and can easily look unhealthy if I don't put time and effort into caring for it. Recently this summer my normal shampoo, condition, hair oil routine was just not keeping my hair healthy enough. To be honest, I think I spend 80% of summer with my hair in salt water, so this probably is why. I thus was on the search for some sort of intensely nourishing hair mask that would combat my troubles.

I came across this Toni and Guy mask in the supermarket of all places. Lots of online blogs state that this has little to no scent, this I would disagree with. The product has a strong fresh scent, exactly of what I really can't place my finger on. Its a lightweight buttery formula and soaks easy into damp hair, and washes out as a normal conditioner would. I simply work a small amount through my damp hair after shampooing and leave it on for a good 5-10 minutes before rinsing under cold water. The instructions say to leave on for 5, but I always go a little bit over 5. The results last for at least a week, and there is so much in a tub you can have smooth, healthy looking hair for months!

Thats all of the products that have been helping me out this summer! Why not share some of your favourites with me! You can leave a comment below, or contact me via clonedfox.tumblr.com/ask. I hope you're feeling inspired to go out and try one of these babies! Let me know what you think.