On the weekend, Jordan and I went on an adventure. It got super hot, we ate sorbet, and then drove up this hill. I snapped these as we watched a storm coming in. Then we jumped in the car and chased it home. 

Its getting super hot! :D What is the weather like in your part of the world? Let me know below! Or you can communicate with me via clonedfox.tumblr.com 

Have a lovely day.

Shirt: RPM
Pants: Chinga Clothing

Shoeless, because thats how most adventures should be done ;)



42 more sleeps until I am on super holidays! Cannot wait until I am home with friends and family :D 
Shoes: Pulp Noir Deluca
Dress: Huffer



Shoes: i love billy (available online at ilovebilly.com.au)
Vintage dress and hat
Nail polis: Honk if You Love OPI

Its getting sunny out! :)



I haven't posted in so long! I was just updating to state that I recently won a pulp voucher for putting together an outfit with my favourite pulp shoes. The shoes I picked were these. 
Dred by Pulp $99.95
You can get them yourself on the pulp website. :)
Time for me to go shoe shopping! I can't wait for my new shoes!



RPM Harry Jumper    $140

The entire collection is available on their website here: http://www.rpm.co.nz/collection_detail.php?id=38

This video ultimately swayed us this season, and I hope it sways you too! Definitely our go-to collection. 


 RPM seems to have got it spot on this winter. We cannot help but gather every piece of this collection and we look forward to slowly sharing them all with you! This jacket is my pick. :)

RPM Stevie Jacket     $140NZ

I originally went in too purchase the Matilda Jacket, another of my favourite styles. However I was a little disappointed to here I was two weeks early at the time. I couldn't wait, so the Stevie Jacket it was! I also purchased the Drop-knit in Orange too which I cannot wait to share :) 

And remember you can contact us in the comment section below or in the ask box at clonedfox.tumblr.com :)

Have a lovely day!



$17.99 of leggings FLASH SALE!
Free shipping!
Valid dates: 4/3/2013 – 4/5/2013
Only 72 hours. Here we go↓

Romwe is an absolutely amazing street style website, if you have not been here, you need to! These leggings are an absolute must have! They are so easy, just pair with your favourite boots or heels and an oversized white or black tee for a super edgy look. To make your shopping easier I have singled out my favourites to:
"Burning Mars"
"Burning Fire"
"Blue and White Porcelain"
"Snowy Sunshine Scenary"
Ahh, I want them all! Happy shopping everyone, and thanks Romwe! :)



 This weekend Jordan took a trip to visit me in my new home. Taking inspiration from the polished wooden decor of his backpackers and the general 'run down' feel of the space we took this copper coloured shoot with our favourite new things from the weekend. 
T-Shirt: Crate (Moose print Tee)
Hat: RPM
Pants: Long-Live

Long live mens clothing! As I type I am currently wearing this T-shirt, as a dress, but hey it looks better on a girl ;)



I took Jordan to the sunniest spot to get some photos of this Chinga Clothing Zebra Tank. Probably his favourite clothing brand. 

Hat: Nixon
Shorts: Spare
Shoes: Converse
Sunglasses: Ray-Bans
Singlet: Chinga Clothing

shop romwe online, free shipping 300*250_1